Chanel Style Jacket 2.

on úterý 8. října 2013
Today I continued with my jacket project. I managed to do a lot of work: I did all the quilting, which is not difficult, but it is time consuming.

I pinned the fabric and lining together to avoid any bunching or pulling. The lining is thin and slippery, the boucle fabric thick and rough, and without the pins the pieces skewed horribly, even with a walking foot. So I pinned every line religiously. Yeah, again: better safe than sorry!

The quilted pieces look quite good. No bunching, pulling, no tangled stitches. I'm really happy with the result.

The next step is another tedious one: the ends of the threads have to be pulled in between the layers and tied off.

Now it was time to put all the parts together. I've sewn all the vertical seams - boucle only, the lining is pushed aside for now. I pulled out the basting. Then I trimmed the seam allowances to about 1 cm and pressed them flat.

Next step: I smoothed one of the lining pieces over the pressed seam and pinned the lining to the seam line (the central line of the seam, where the stitches are). Then I trimmed the lining to the far end of the seam allowance, as the photo shows:

I put the other piece of lining over the pinned line and marked the seam line with a chalk (the heads of the pins can be felt through the fabric). I trimmed the lining the same way as the first one, folded the allowance under and pressed. I then stitched the foldline with small fell stitches, going through all the layers including the boucle.

I've sewn the shoulder seams, tried the jacket on to see if any adjustments need to be made at this point, and finished the lining on the shoulders.

(to be continued!)

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