Chanel Style Jacket 1.

on pondělí 7. října 2013
I decided I cannot live anymore without a Chanel style jacket. And I wanted to try the traditional sewing technique I’ve never done before.

The material was already waiting in a box with an unfinished project. It was to be a coat, but fortunately I only cut one piece and the rest of the fabric was intact. It is wool boucle with medium sized houndstooth pattern in light grey and dusty pink. Chanel powders, anyone?

I also found the pink lining fabric I had for the coat.

A very good guide with photos and descriptions is in the Threads magazine no. 121, which I happen to have. It helped a lot.

I cut the pieces with wide seam allowances. The article in Threads warns boucle frays a lot and wider allowances are a must; it wasn’t that bad in the end, but better safe than sorry.

With the pattern pieces still pinned to the fabric, I machine basted the countours of each piece. I set the machine to straight stitch, longest setting (5 mm), loosest tension.

Then I cut a piece of lining for each boucle piece. I just laid the fabric on top of the lining, checked the grain (it has to be aligned, of course) and cut the lining with a rotary cutter. Precision is not necessary at this point.

The next step - and a bit tedious one - is the quilting. First I tried it on a scrap. I was afraid the stitches will be visible, but I was pleasantly surprised. The grey thread is only visible when you look very closely.

(to be continued)

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